Welcome to Louise + Pascale sur Verdon in La Palud-sur-Verdon, our mountain retreat in the Grand Canyon of Europe. Hosting trail running and coaching experiences, women’s wellness and yoga, photography and painting workshops and even glamping, in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet.

We are passionate about the outdoors as well as healthy eating and have been in the business of the creative arts, trail running and race organisation for over 30 years – all over the world. We invite you to join us in one of the most spectacular locations you could ever wish for to give one of our unique experiences a try!

We believe that with the right encouragement, support and environment, anyone can do anything, if they have the right attitude; and this is the place to really let go and have some fun but at the same time maybe push the boundaries of your mental, physical and creative boundaries.

We invite you to … Come be inspired by all that surrounds you


Originally from Yorkshire, Louise has worked in the creative arts since graduatiing college in the UK and then heading off on her global travels since the age of 21. Passionate about graphic design, photography, video and fine arts her skills have taken her to every corner of the globe working in a design and advertising capacity for a number of companies large and small, until the time came to become self-employed based in the middle east for a number of years.

Weekends were spent mostly cycling or trail running in the desert and mountains, until that developed from a very keen interest into a thriving business as race and event organisers. Founders of the Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge and UT Hajar 100 to name a couple, Urban-Ultra, now organises 10 events/races each year from ultra trail runs to ultra cycling events across the UAE. Adventure is in her DNA.


Originally from north Holland, Pascale graduated college as a nurse but quickly learned that the small confines of the Netherlands were not for her, so she took herself off to the probably the furthest place she could fly – New Zealand. From there travel adventures took her across Australia and most of south east Asia to eventually find herself in the UAE and setting up an advertising and design company with Louise in the mid 90s.

From there both their passions were fulfilled when looking for a second base in Europe where outdoor adventures could be found right on their doorstep. La Palud-sur-Verdon turned out to be the perfect place and the rest as you might say, is herstory.